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Sivas is an ideal starting point for your vacation in the central south of Crete. In the direct environment you will find famous archaeological excavation places such as Phaistos or Gortys. Hiking by the impressing Rouvas Ravine or the Valley of Hermits (Agiofarango) you will get unforgettable impressions of the wild unspoiled cretan landscape.

In a few minutes by car you can go to the bay of Matala with its famous caves and the impressing Red Beach, which is only reachable afoot - as well as to nearby Komo Beach (Pitsidia), one of the probably most beautiful beaches in Crete at all and besides nesting site of the Caretta Caretta turtles.

Only some kilometers up in the mountains the well-fotified Monastery Odigitrias is located. From here you can access the fantastic bays of Agiofarango, Vathi or the rock chapel above the Martsalos ravine by dusty dirt roads. Of course you can drive on from the monastery  by the mountains to the beaches of Kali Limenes or Lentas without problems, even with a standard passenger car.
As day trip we recommend for example a visit of  Preveli Monastery Preveli with the well-known palm beach, an excursion to  Ida mountains or to the world famous excavations of Knossos nearby to the Cretan capital Iraklio (to name but a few destinations).

But even in the closer environment of Sivas many visit-worth places are to be found, f.e.  the small Ethnological Muuseum in Vori between Moires and Timbaki. Or the Monastery Kaliviani, that among other things has an orphanage and a manual work school behind its walls.

In Moires, in about 11 km distance to Sivas, you will also  find bigger shops and supermarkets, as well a pharmacies and doctor's surgeries. Particularly on Saturday morning an attendance of the city is worth, because the large weekly market takes place there (as on Fridays in Timbaki) . In addition the main road is closed and numerous dealers arrange their market stands directly on the road where otherwise traffic toils by the place.

Red Beach



Komo Beach


Odigitrias Monastery

Weekly Market In Moires
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