Taverna Sactouris - Sivas

The traditional village of Sivas ...

About one kilometer above the main road to Matala and only scarcely four kilometers south of the world-famous archaeological excavation place of the Palace of Phaistos the small village of Sivas with its well 600 inhabitants is located.

The place at the southwest edge of the fruitful Messara Plain is still unaffected by mass tourism and situated on approximately 110 m sea level  at the slopes of  the Asterousia mountains, which separate the Messara from the sea.

In the middle by the village  the meanwhile completely asphalted road leads up to the militaryful Odigitria Monastery, highly above in the mountains.

A stroll by the picturesque lanes with affectionately arranged floridity in front of the old houses shows that Sivas kept its originalness. Not at the least because of this, Sivas was classified as a protect-worth, traditional village by the Greek Ministry for Education and Culture.

During summer months the village square in front of the church, where also Taverna Sactouris is located, takes centre stage of daily life.

Here you will find some Kafenia (Cafés), the butcher, a small supermarket, herb and handcraft shops, a pottery and also a silversmith. While the children are swinging and sliding on the playground  in the shade of the large trees, you can find everything for the daily need in the small shops around the place.

By the way: every Wednesday you can dance "like a Greek" (or Cretan) at Taverna Sactouris. Sofia and Jannis will show you the "first steps" of Cretan dancing during the performances of famous local musicians at Tavern Sactouris.

Every  August annually culture days with participants from Crete and all over Greece take place in Sivas on the Platia. Peak of this event is without doubt  the village fete on the Platia.

2011 dates:

  • Culture Days: August
  • Village Fete:  August
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Taverna Sactouris  •  Sofia & Jannis  •  70200 Sivas, Iraklio/Crete