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Καλές διακοπές στην Κρήτη - Nice Holidays in Crete ...

... and "Welcome" to Taverna Sactouris in the fair and beautiful south of the island. We look forward to welcoming you in our place and like to present you the village of Sivas, the nearby area and of course our tavern.

"We" are - by the way - Sofia und Jannis Papamichelakis.  Sofia comes from Sivas and is born in Iraklio, the capital of Crete. After this, at the gentle age of six weeks,.she was taken to Germany, where she stayed the next 19 years. With a commercial college degree in the bag she returned to her (second) home.

Jannis was born in the mountain village of Sactouria, which played a decisive role in naming our tavern. Because if he already has to work in the village of his wife then he should at least use the name of his village to feel closer to his place of birth ...

While Sofia operates the tavern and attentively takes care about the guests, Jannis is responsible for cuisine . He loves Cretan home-style cooking and quite has the heart to quiz a completely strange granny about an old traditional recipe.

Therefrom you will find a lot of Cretan Plates on our menu, which really taste homelike and not like any restaurant. Because Jannis is used to vegetarian food innately, he's cooking a lot in this vein.  Again and again he hikes up in the mountains near to his native village to collect wild herbs and vegetables. So we jokingly  call him  "Chorta-Killer"  ...

Taverna Sactouris
70200 Sivas, Iraklio
phone: +30 (28920) 42335
mobil: +30 (693) 2242900
email: info@sactouris-sivas.com

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Καλή όρεξη - Enjoy your meal! ...  Sofia and Jannis

Taverna Sactouris  •  Sofia & Jannis  •  70200 Sivas, Iraklio/Crete